Euclidean Rhythm Plugin

The Euclidean Rhythm Generator will help you create euclidean (or free rhythm) patterns (more info on Euclidean Rhythm is this video (french) or on wikipedia).




1. Pattern definition

The pattern can be of two types: Euclidean Rhythm or Free Rhythm. Both have most parameters in common. For both you must defined a pattern length. For Euclidean Rhythm you must define how many steps will be played and spread over the pattern length, while for Free Rhythm you must indicate manually which steps have to be played.

2. What to play

You can parametrize what to play on the "on-beats" (i.e. the "played" steps) and the "off-beats" (i.e. the "non-played" beats).


The plugin can use 3 sources for defining the notes to play:
1. the selection in the score
2. the clipboard (what you copied through CTRL/CMD+C)
3. the manual indication of the note to play


A note must always be selected for the On-beat.

If the selection contains more than one note (see "source"), you can decide to only the First Note or to Cycle across (the) selection.


For the Off-beats, the default is using a Rest. All the previous examples have been produced using rests.

If the selection contains more than two notes (see "source") and if you are only using the first one for the "on-beat" you can decide to use the Second (one) as off-beat.

A third option is to use a manually indicated note as off-beat.

3. Where to write the pattern

The pattern will be written in your score at the cursor position.

However, if your cursor is not placed at a measure start, you can choose between placing the pattern At (the) cursor or From (the) measure start


  • The parameter Repeats lets you repeat your pattern consecutively

  • In the status bar, the plugin indicates the staff/measure/voice where it will write the pattern

  • The plugin detects the selection changes in the score and adapts both the selection content available in the Source/Use Selection parameters and the location for writing the pattern.
    However the plugin does not detect any change in the clipboard. In order to refresh the Source/Use Clipboard, the plugin must be closed and reopened.

Download and Install


The whole zip content (so the euclidean\ folder) must be unzipped as such in your plugin folder.

Support of MS4.0

Supported, although the User Interface does not look very nice in this version.


For discussions, issues, improvement ideas, please get to the Euclidean Rhythm plugin feedback discussion.

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