Export layout breaks to parts

This plugin exports layout breaks to all parts to keep a similar layout in all of them.
It was created following this thread.


Run the plugin from the score or any part to copy all breaks to the other parts. When copying from the score, page breaks are converted into system breaks.

Note that if you change the layout, you will have to run it again. However, it only adds breaks. This means that if there's already one, there will now be two. In order to properly update, you will have to go through each part, select a layout break -> select all similar elements->delete.
I strongly recommend setting a shortcut for select all similar elements in preferences -> shortcuts

Needs MuseScore 3.3 or higher to function.

Download For MuseScore 4 (should work for 3.3 and later)

Download For MuseScore 3.3 (and later, but not 4)

Installation guide:

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