This plugin helps to export letters and trumpet fingerings for beginner players.

Current features

  • System text is treated as headings for different parts of the song (chorus, verse etc)
  • Use sharps or flats specifically when one is not known yet
  • Output to a docx, html, md or txt file
  • Set the letters and numbers output file suffix
  • Generate a new line when encountering layout breaks
  • Insert spaces to help understand the rythm of music, linear and logarithmic methods

A preview part of the window allows to find the best settings.

Planned features

  • Customize letters and numbers mapping
  • Use concert pitch setting of MuseScore
  • Handle more instruments (it certainly works with B flat trumpets, trombones in treble clef and B flat sousaphones)


Download the zip file and install according to the default Plugin Installation method

For output as docx the pandoc converter is necessary as internally an html page is generated and then converted to docx. That is also the reason why when selecting docx output there being both html and docx files.

The generation of docx files uses the included reference.docx file as reference. To alter the look of the output modify the styles in this document, Heading 1 is the title of the score, Heading 2 is the style of song part headings and Heading 3 is the style of the instrument indication.
All other output is hardcoded so far.

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