Harp Colour Notes by Pedal (Musescore 2.0)

Colours notes in a selection based on which pedal affects which notes. The goal is to make it easier to identify all the necessary pedal changes. Dialogue box allows user to select which notes.


In an extract from Swan Lake, Scene No 1 by Tchaikovsky, colourizing the E and G notes highlights all four pedal changes.

Installation Instructions

Install the plugin according to https://musescore.org/en/handbook/plugins-0. Usually this means

  1. Put harp_colours.qml into your MuseScore2/Plugins directory
  2. Use the Plugin Manager to enable the harp_colours
  3. Restart MuseScore

It will appear in Plugins -> Harp -> Colour Notes by Pedal. If you want to change which menu this plugin appears in, change the QML line menuPath: "Plugins.Harp.Color Notes by Pedal" to the path you prefer.


  1. Select the measure or chord where you want the pedal diagram to appear. (It will not run if
    you select a single note).
  2. Run the plugin (Plugins -> Harp -> Colour Notes by Pedal)
      a. Select which notes you want colourized
      b. Select whether you want to make them black or tinted
      c. Click OK

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