Harp Pedal Diagram

A plugin to enter harp pedal diagram. Unlike this plugin it doesn't require any new font to be installed, as it uses the font provided with MuseScore.


To use the plugin, you must first install it according to the instructions in the 2.x Handbook, or the 3.x Handbook.


  1. Select the measure or chord where you want the pedal diagram to appear. (It will not run if you select a single note).
  2. Run the "Harp Pedal Diagram" plugin from the plugins menu.
    a. Select the positions you want for each pedal
    b. Click OK
    c. The pedal diagram appears as plain text (STAFF_TEXT) above the staff you chose.
  3. To change diagram size: Change the font size of the text
  4. To change a single note: You can either delete the diagram and make a new one, or
    manually edit the diagram. "a" represents natural, "b" represents sharp, "c" represents
    flat, and "d" is the separator between left and right pedal positions.

Download for MuseScore 3 and 4

Download for MuseScore 3

Download for MuseScore 2

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