iRealb - A plugin to convert a MusicXML file into a iRealb chart

iRealb - A plugin to convert a MuseScore MusicXML file into a iRealb chart.

This plugin attempts to convert a MuseScore MusicXML file
into a iRealb chart.

1. Open MuseScore
2. Create a regular MuseScore chart
3. Save your MuseScore chart as a MusicXML file.
4. Go to Plugins -> iRealb
5. Select the XML file of you chart.
6. 'Select All' -> Copy the URI from the Text Dialog window.
(NOTE: the text dialog window is editable, which is handy for
quick edits/changes once you get familiar with the
iRealb syntax.)
7. Open a Web Browser and navigate to
8. Paste the URI from above in the textarea titled:
'IMPORT - Paste a song/playlist code here:'
9. Click 'Import'
10. Compare the Web Editor results with your MuseScore Chart
11. Make the corrections needed via the iRealb Web Editor
(there will probably be many ;)
12. Export your song (Email, etc) from the iRealb Web Editor
to get it on your iRealb app.

NOTE: It does not convert every (any ;) chart accurately.
It does often get many of the chords and form correct.
usually, at the worst, it can save you time creating
your chart via the Web Editor.

1. Download the plugin by right clicking the link and save target as.
2. Uncompress the file (Unzip)
3. Place the unzipped dir, 'irealb' into the plugins directory of

C:\Program Files\MuseScore\plugins

Linux (Ubuntu):
i.e. /usr/share/mscore-1.1/plugins

MacOSX: not sure

4. Restart or start MuseScore

Current Version is 0.1

NOTE: Tested against MuseScore 1.1 only!
This plugin may or may not work on versions != 1.1


Bug reports, Fixes, Comments and Suggestions welcome!

Code is on github, feel free to Review/Fork.

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