Loop Audio Player

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A simple audio player:

  • Pin point loop section, nudge edit starting and end time
  • Move loop position as a whole
  • Loop a number of times then pause
  • For guitarist and old school transcribers
  • Actions to toggle play/pause, goto A, and drift AB. Can be set up with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Support .WAVE files only (Embedded plugin), file format conversion tutorial see below.
  • Does not sync with musescore's playback.

You can open LoopPlayer.html in any web browser, but it won't react to hotkeys in musescore. When opened in a modern web browser, supports all common format eg .OGG .MP3 .MP4 files.

Download musescore_loopplayer_20230305A.zip

may not function on platforms other than Windows
Install: how-to
Enable plugins you need and set up keyboard shortcuts: how-to
Note: Make sure the keyboard shortcut is not assigned in Preference>Shortcuts already.

Convert audio / video files to WAV

Online converters (google search)
QWinFF (Linux, Windows)
VLC player

Old versions

LoopPlayer20221128A.zip : actions not included, web browser version has a bug some file formats cannot be opened.


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HTML, CSS, JS, QML (WebEngine, WebChannel)

Notes to devs

File format limitation Qt codec


None. Do whatever you want to, no need to ask for any permission. Glad to share a link to your improved plugin on this page, just let me know.

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