MuseScore To-Do List

A todo-list plugin for MuseScore. You can never have too many todos.

In short this plugin helps you:

  • Organise your score-editing workflow.
  • Find TODOs and FIXMEs easily.
  • Navigate to the points of trouble without hassle—well, except having to insert text at said points in the first place.

In software development, todos are commonly added to source code as reminders to the poor developers toiling away writing code. Todos come in many forms: bugs to be fixed, issues to be resolved, feature requests, etc. Sometimes when composing, one may also find oneself lost in a sea of todos, struggling to remember what one wanted to change in a particular measure.

Examples of todos:

  • TODO: Explore different chord progressions for this transition.
  • TODO: More brass to this section.
  • FIXME: Playback sounds wonky.
  • TODO: Revise counterpoint.
  • TODO: Add bowing articulation to strings.
  • TODO: Confirm with friend if this part is playable.

This plugin aims to increase the quality of life of composers, arrangers, transcribers, and well—anybody who edits scores. The typical usage would be to add TODOs/FIXMEs as staff text via Ctrl+T or Cmd+T, noting down your thoughts and ideas before they disappear. The plugin will then automatically refresh and display the curated list of TODOs on a dock.


Obtain the QML plugin file directly or by downloading a zip of the project (which contains the QML file). Install the plugin by moving the file to your MuseScore plugins directory. (See the MuseScore Handbook for a guide on installing plugins.)


The plugin is configurable in multiple ways:

  • Continuous Refresh. Set true for the plugin to update the to-do list whenever the score is updated. May be slow for humongous scores.
  • Filter Regex. A regular expression to filter text elements. Case-insensitive. By default, the regex is ^(todo|fixme). This matches texts that start with todo or fixme.
  • Filter Case Sensitivity. Whether the matching should be case-sensitive.
  • Filter Elements. Comma-separated list of MuseScore Element Types to filter. By default, only Staff Text (42) and System Text (43) are filtered.

For reference, here's a list of text element types from the MuseScore API:

Type Name
41 Tempo Text
42 Staff Text
43 System Text
44 Rehearsal Mark
45 Instrument Change
46 Staff Type Change

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