Note Velocities Displayed as Staff Text

The notevelocities plugin is a very simple plugin that displays the velocity of each note as staff text, similar to how the notenames plugin displays note names. In fact, this is just a modification of that plugin. The velocity shown has been reduced and rounded to a single or double digit by a factor of 10 (0-127 midi velocity range/10) to make the score easier to read, similar to Marcel Tabututeau's numerical system used to teach phrasing. (Marcel Tabututeau was a French-American oboist who is considered the founder of the American school of oboe playing.). The idea is just to get a general view of note-to-note dynamics of imported live midi performances, where the velocity of notes often differ. Numerical velocity values are much more precise than traditional dynamic markings (piano, forte, crescendo or diminuendo, etc).

Suitable scores for the plugin could be imported live audio tracks, converted to midi by such programs as Melodyne, Anthemscore or Ableton, or scores created in real-time within Musescore using a midi keyboard ( Personally, I wanted to easily SEE the dynamics of phrasing used in pieces performed by performers that I admire or wanted to analyze. To do so, I convert the recorded audio file (e.g., mp3) in Anthemscore ( to midi, which includes note velocities, import the midi into Musescore, and then run the velocity plugin. At $33.00 (USD), Anthemscore is the best audio-to-midi software that I have tried for its price range. The activation key itself never expires and can be used on three computers plus one additional each year after purchase.

To properly position vertically stacked velocities of polyphonic notes (e.g., triads) so they don't overlap with the notes, set the vertical alignment of staff text to "align bottom edge to reference point" within "Text Properties" by right-clicking on a number, after running the plugin, selecting "select all similar elements" and then "text properties".

Jojo-Schmitz modified the notename plugin to meet a request I made in the Plugins forum at


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