NoteMapper Pitch-Transformation Plugins

NoteMappers is a bundle of six pitch-transformation plugins for MuseScore music notation software. The principal mapping plugins — Note to Note, Pc to Pc, and Pitch to Pitch — map pitches to new values using different models of pitch. The Map Assistant plugin lets you design various types of maps with music notation, using a specially formatted score. Maps (which are just comma-separated lists of numbers) can be copied from any of these sources and pasted as text in a score or text file to store them for future use.

Once copied, a map can be pasted into the appropriate mapping plugin, or into the Adaptive Mapper, which is designed to recognize and apply any valid map (five types in all). Finally, a Pc Speller utility is provided for customizing the spelling of each chromatic step; it is particularly useful in conjunction with the Pc to Pc and Pitch to Pitch plugins, which spell pitches according to built-in defaults that may not suit you.

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