Notes from Chord texts

This plugin for MuseScore 2.x reads chord (Harmony) texts and creates Chord notes in one added staff, and bass note in another added one if chosen. The created notes have correct durations according to the duration of the written chord, and are playable by MuseScore.

The plugin uses rules in wiki: Chord names and symbols (popular music) (as I understand them). All possible combinations of chords according to rules in that page are recognized and will generate notes.

The created notes are more of a suggestion, to get it to sound nice it's perhaps a good idea to move some notes one octave up or down, or just remove them.

This plugin is inspired from plugin Generate Notes from Chords annotations by @berthe.

More info and download here

Example, before:
Example before

Ran with default settings, and chose to manually add "pipe organ" with only 2 clefs.
The 7th in the last chord is manually moved down 1 octave after the plugin.
Example after

And an example that uses both options Write parsed Harmony texts and Write Chord letters with "Yes". This example also shows some alternative ways of writing chords, and have some comments added:
Example write chords

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