ObjectExplorer V2.0

ObjectExplorer iterates through Musescore objects and write all Object properties and values to a log file in the users temp directory. On windows systems this file will be opened automatically with notepad.exe.

I use this plugin to investigate the structure of objects and relations between Musescore objects.

If score elements are selected. Only the objects and properties of the selected elements are written to the log file.
If no elements are selected, take care! The whole score / all staves will be explored. This can end up in a lot of data and will eventually crash or hang up Musescore for a long time. Better is to create a temp score with only the elements you want to investigate. Or use the selection method above.

Function parameters are:
loopObject(,"name of the object", maximum nested level ).

loopObject ( cursor.score , "cursor.score" , 2 ) will loop through the cursor.score object and prints all properties nested 2 deep)

loopObject(Element,"Element",1); will show all Element types
Element.REST = 24;
Element.CHORD = 92;
Element.SLUR = 93;

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