Parsons Code Exporter

MuseScore Parsons Code Exporter

This plugin exports a Parsons Code file for one melody line (a voice of an instrument). See

How does it work?

  1. Open the score from which to export with MuseScore
  2. Open up the plugin from Plugins - Parsons Code Export
    • Staff: Select the Staff from which to export. Staffs are listed by instrument name. For instruments with Grand Staff, the instrument name appears followed by a staff number (top to bottom order)
    • Voice: Select the melody line within the previously selected staff that should be exported
    • Browse…: Select the directory in which to store the resulting file
  3. Hit Export. The plugin will now create a text file containing the Parsons Code for the selected melody line. The resulting filename has the following format scoreTitle_staffSelection_voiceIndex.txt. If your score has no (or an empty) title, a timestamp will be used in its place.

Note: If your melody line contains chords, the highest note within the chord will be used to generate the Parsons Code.


Consider the following basic score
Example Score

Plugin screen showing the chosen settings on the left. On the right showing the dropdown with listing of a Grand Staff instrument.

This results in a file called Parsons_Example_Voice_1.txt with the content *URUUDURDDUURUDDDUD

Download and Install… or use attached file

For installation see Plugins.

Tested on Windows7 with MuseScore 2.0.2, should work on 2.0+
Tested on Linux (Musescore 2.0.2 / Ubuntu 15.10)

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