"Pipeband - On The Beat" Plugin for Bagpipe Playback Correction

This plugin fixes playback for bagpipes and other instruments (e.g. irish whistle) that utilize what look like appoggiatturas or accacciaturas for embellishment and note transitions.

Such instruments require the main note to be played ON the beat, and the ornamentation occurs before the beat (cuts into time of previous note). This is unlike many classical instruments (and standard/default Musescore implementation) which lean into the appoggiatura on the beat and release on the main note, partway into the main note time duration.

The plugin is basically a mashup of colornotes.qml (to cycle through all notes) and appoggiatura.qml (to apply appoggiatura changes) with hardcoded values for gracenotes (50) and main note start (0).

Folder is here:

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