Quarter Tone Playback

For MuseScore 3, please consider the AccidentalTuner plugin as the successor of the Quarter Tone Playback plugin.

Plugin Description:
This plugin automatically applies tuning to notes in the score altered with quarter tone accidentals and key signatures. It works with the FLAT_SLASH and the SHARP_SLASH accidental signs, which are normally used in Arabic music to denote a decrease or an increase of the tuning by a quarter tone (50 cents) respectively.
In Musescore, it is possible to generate custom key signatures in the Master Palette (View → Master Palette). This allows building key signatures for Arabic scales using quarter tone accidental signs. Moreover, these signs can be used as accidentals by applying them to the notes from the Accidentals Palette (Advanced Workspace should be activated).
In the Musescore file QuarterTonePlayback.mscz delivered with the plugin, it is possible to see how these key signatures and alterations can be used.

Plugin Features:
• Custom Tuning: it is possible to change the tuning of the quarter tones, although the standard tuning is ±50 cents.
• Key Signature Definition: although it is possible to create custom key signatures in Musescore, it is unfortunately not possible to access them in the plugin framework. As an alternative solution, the user can set the custom key signature in the plugin itself in order to notify it of the key signature.
• Accidental Auto-Detection: the plugin automatically detects accidental signs and tunes the respective note automatically.

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