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A plugin for MuseScore that rebeams music, following preset or custom rules. Automatically rebeam notes, rests, or tuplets!

This plugin is still in a primitive testing stage, no warranty of any kind is provided.

Please read the 'Usage' section below to get the most out of it

MuseScore 3.5 or later is required.


  • Beam over notes, rests, or tuplets
  • Different beaming rules depending on Time Signature or tuplet size
  • Rebeam the whole score, or just a selection
  • Undo/Redo compatible
  • Create your own custom rulesets

Upcoming Features (by v1.0, presumably)

  • Improved custom settings process
  • Bug fixes
  • DockMode: rebeam the score automatically during the creation process


v0.8.0 (20230324)

  • MuseScore 4 support
  • minor code improvements
  • new loading screen appears if plugin takes longer than 1 second to run

v0.7.0 (20230313)

  • completely rewritten beaming system
  • support of complex time signatures
  • support for rebeaming notes
  • addition of other plugin tools

v0.6.2 (20230205)

  • Code restructuring

v0.6.1 (20230203)

  • Improved 8th beaming function

v0.6.0 (20230202)

  • Beta release


Download all the files, unzip them and move them to MuseScore's plugins folder.

For more help installing this plugin, visit this page.


Run the plugin from the 'Plugins' tab, or assign a shortcut to it in the Plugin Manager.The plugin will detect if there is a selection and apply itself accordingly (Note: it will always apply itself to whole measures). MuseScore's Undo/Redo commands work as usual.

If the plugin crashes, an error message will appear at the end of the score.


Here are some things you can do to avoid issues with the plugin:
* Regroup rhythms: The plugin works best when all of your sheet's rhythms are notated correctly. If you know what you're doing, great! If you don't, run 'Tools/Regroup Rhythms' before running the plugin.
* 2nd+ Voices: The plugin might not work correctly if there are any deleted rests in voices 2-4. If you don't want a rest to be seen, make it invisible instead.


To create your own custom rules, see 'presets/timesig template'. There you can define rules for in general or for specific time signatures.

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