Rehearsal marks management

Simple automation for rehearsal marks. Needs MuseScore 3.3 or higher to function.
The plugin doesn't work since 3.3, since MuseScore reverted to an older version of its framework (Qt).
Changes are being done to go back to the newer version. It should be working again in a few releases.

Since the API doesn't allow much for selections, to run these plugins you have to select manually an example object. See usage for more details.



Select a rehearsal mark and run it to clear all your rehearsal marks

Add at barlines

Select a barline and run it to add rehearsal marks at every double and begin repeat barlines


Lets you choose how you want your rehearsal marks. Choices are:
- Capital letters (A, B, C, ...)
- Lowercase letters (a, c, c, ...)
- Numbers (1, 2, 3, ...)
- Following measure numbers

Download For MuseScore 3.3

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