Score Overview

Score overview provides a graphical overview of the parts, measure and rehearsal marks in a score, and allows clicking on a measure to jump to it, or selecting a range with the mouse.


Open the plugin and it will display an overview of the current score, showing each part and empty and populated bars along with any rehearsal marks defined. Click on a measure within a part to position the cursor at the beginning of that measure.

Click and drag to select multiple parts / measures, shift click to select one measure in a part.

By default the window is always on top, you can toggle this by clicking the small ^ button at the bottom left of the window. You can hide the Measure or Rehearsal mark headers by clicking the small + buttons next to each.

If you change the score, click on the plugin window and it will update it's overview.


Download the file from github here: and copy the qml file to your plugins directory. You may want to create a sub folder within the plugins folder to install Score Overview into, as it creates an .ini file to record the current window size and position.

Start MuseScore and run the plugin manager from the plugins menu to add scoreOverview to your enabled plugins..

Updates: 6 Dec 2016:

Rewritten to use docking widget and canvas, much lighter and faster gui, (you may need to pull the dock up from the bottom to see it).
added keychange, tempo text and tempo markers (cannot currently read keys, but can show where the changes are)
better selection with scrolling when needed.
Tested on Window, Ubuntu and Mac.
Ubuntu and Mac may not have all info available until musescore 2.0.4 is released see :, but it shouldn't crash.

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