Sight Reading Trainer

Sight Reading Trainer allows to create a random musical score for Musescore.

By limiting the random generator to specific note pitches and time, the student may create scores that raise the level of complexity in a reasonable speed.
Example of a very basic, simple score that everyone could start learning sight reading:
Random generator is limited to:
- Whole notes only
- C4 pitch only
- no rests
- low speed (50bpm)

A bit more difficult/tricky:
Random generator is limited to:
- whole, half, quarter notes
- C4 to B4 pitch
- still slow (50bpm)

More or less no limit to the random generator:

You may increase the number of measures generated.

Here is a list of ideas for todo's in case someone wonders how to contribute in further developing the plugin (hightly welcome :-))
- add more levels and structure in a way that complexity raises reasonably
- add .-notes
- improve UI for selecting note range
- add auto transpose into various key's
- Bug in Musescore: does not create a bass clef when newScore is called with "piano" or "grand-piano" see: #328533: newScore does not generate a bass clef when called with "piano" or "grand-piano" (not yet confirmed by developers but by jeetee)

You may want to see a short video about the Plugin:

have fun!


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