The SoundCloud plugin lets you send an audio rendition of your composition directly from MuseScore to SoundCloud.



This plugin only works for MuseScore and above.

Installation instructions

See [[Plugins]]


  1. Delete "soundcloud.js", all *.ui files
  2. Don't forget to remove settings.txt from
    user home/.musescore/plugins/soundcloud/

Technical information

When using the plugin for the first time, the plugin will request you to authenticate your SoundCloud account. Technically, OAuth 1.0a and the OAuth JavaScript Library make sure your SoundCloud credentials are not stored by MuseScore. The OAuth tokens and configuration are stored in <user_home>/.musescore/plugins/soundcloud/settings.txt on Mac and in C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\.musescore\plugins\soundcloud on Windows. This plugin is licensed under GNU/GPLv2.

Future development

  • More metadata can be supported. See POST /tracks
  • Optionally purge the OAuth tokens when closing MuseScore.
    • Known issues

      • Not tested on Linux

Issue Tracker

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