Tempo Actions

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Download the demo file tademo2.mscz

  • Manipulate every tempo markings in a selection. Speed up, slow down, or change note value of note used but keep the tempo unchanged (rounded off to the nearest integer). Can be assigned with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Create a new crotchet = 120 marking when there is no tempo marking in selection.
  • Reads and converts markings to "note = number" format (replace existing text). Enables "Follow text" property.
  • "Speed up" and "slow down" use a number in the range of 40-208 that is commonly used by classical composers.

Download musescore_tempoactions_20231125A.zip

Download and Install: musescore 3 how-to, musescore 4 how-to
Enable plugins you need and setup shortcut: musescore 3 how-to, musescore 4 how-to
Note: Make sure the keyboard shortcut is not assigned in Preference>Shortcuts already, for example F6.


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MIT. Forked from plugin: Parking B - Tap Tempo https://musescore.org/node/331133. Have fun, no need to ask for any permission. Glad to share a link to your improved plugin on this page, just let me know.

Old and Dev versions

Latest dev files musescore_tempoactions_20231125A_DEV.zip
Old versions:
musescore_tempoactions_20230830B.zip : no note value changing options. Bug displaying plugin name in musescore 4

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