Trumpet / Trombone Finger/Slide Plugin Simple and Under Notes

This will insert trumpet and trombone fingerings/slide positions for a beginning player. It only has the basic options, so no alternate positions are given.

For example, 2 or 6 for top line A on trombone...this will display a 2 as students as this level are probably only concerned about 2.


The trumpet fingerings are also listed vertically and it makes the music look cleaner.

A big advantage is that is uses another element (Figured Bass because you probably won't use it at this level) for text entry, so you can still use the default note name plugin and not worry about anything conflicting.

This is a plugin based on the one by Alexander Schwedler, but changed finger format to vertical; alternate/trigger slide positions; text placement.

See also Brass Fingerings and Slide Positions (Trumpet; Trombone; Euphonium; Tuba)

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