Visual Diff Tool

This plugin lets you compare different scores or different versions of a score. Changes get highlighted in the scores, and changes can be viewed separately and played back.

This is only a Proof-of-Concept! The tool is prone to errors and crashes, and will only work for a limited range of Use Cases.
The tool only compares notes and measures, all other notational symbols are disregarded (for now).

- The tool will use the first two open scores for comparison.
- Deleted or inserted measures are fully colored in red/green.
- In modified measures, the single modified notes will be colored. Deleted notes are red, inserted notes are green, modified notes are blue.
- Click "Enable Diff Mode" to get to the change-by-change view. The first change, including the previous and the next measure, will be highlighted in both versions.
- The buttons "Play Left" and "Play Right" will play back the respective versions.

For a proper and stable version, this tool needs to be included into the MuseScore core project. If anyone wants to do that, you can contact me for support :)

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