Visual representation of changes in two scores

This plugin is capable to color the different notes of two scores. Load in two different scores, and hit the "Compare" button. This version is similar to Stefan Straka's version, but this one has more functionality and works with MuseScore 3. One or two ideas are from his plugin, which earns respect.

  • In the old score, those measures or notes that has been deleted will be marks as red.
  • In the new score, those measures or notes that has been added, will be marked as green.
  • In both score, those measures which are similar, but not identical, will be marked blue, and the difference will be marked as mentioned above.
  • In both score, those measures which are completely similar will not be colored.

If you have more than two score open, note that it will only compare the first two tab of the opened scores:
- the first tab will be the old score, which is the base of the comparison,
- the second tab will be the new score, which is the subject of the comparison.

Works with multiple parts, staves. Only colors notes (chords) and rests (which includes tab as well).

The "Uncompare" button will color the first two tab of scores all elements to black.

If you are confused which measure has a modified pair, there is a table, which lists them.

If you encounter any issue, feel free to contact me.

This was my Bsc Thesis at the University of Szeged, Hungary, Computer Science.

There are some things I'd like to add in the future (after university is finally over) as MuseScore develops. Things like coloring beams, stems and flags which can not be colored at the moment as far as I've seen. Also internationalization is also one of my goals.

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