Voice Velocity

Alters the velocity offset of all the notes of a chosen voice within a selection.

The dynamics (PP, P etc.) allow a choice of Part (single stave), Stave (both staves in the case of a piano) or System (all staves).
That does not allow the control of the dynamics of a single voice within a part (see #58031: Dynamics/hairpin range for Voice), which this plugin adresses.


  • Copy the file voice-velocity.qml to your MuseScore2 Plugins directory.
  • Re-start MuseScore.
  • Go to Plugins > Plugin Manager and tick the box next to voice-velocity.


  • Select a passage of music within a single stave with multiple voices.
  • Select Plugins > Playback > Voice Velocity to start the plugin.
  • Choose an offset. Negative values make the voice quieter, positive values louder.
  • Choose the voice that you want to alter.
  • Click Apply.
  • You can check that it worked by selecting a single note of that voice and looking at the velocity in the inspector.

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