Vowels to Notes

MuseScore 3.0 plugin to map vowels in lyrics to notes, according to Guido of Arezzo's method.

This plugin maps the first six sequential notes in a selection to the vowels a, e, i, o, u, and y. The seventh note, and to the end of the selection, are mapped according to the vowels in the lyric.


After installing the plugin in MuseScore 3.0, enter notes and lyrics as normal. In the measure before the lyrics, insert a new measure, and put in six notes. These notes will map to the vowels. These notes can be in a different time signature, span measures, etc. While the first six notes in the example have lyric text, the text is actually ignored.

Next, select the six notes, along with the notes to be transposed. So you select from 'a' to 'back.' Then run the plugin.

If you don't like how it came out, you can adjust the first six notes, and then run the plugin again.

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