GSoC 2019: Week 8

Posted 2 years ago

I spent the first half of this week converting the instrument change warning text, which was previously a staff text object, to a new custom class. This has allowed me to do things like change the style of the object (it now matches instrument changes), and add the correct behaviour for deleting notes under the warning, allowing the text to move properly automatically. Adding the new object proved quite difficult, as there are a lot of places in the code that needed updating, and I'm still not entirely sure that I got all of them, although I did a fairly thorough search.

I am now almost finished with instrument change warnings. I still need to get undo working properly in every case, and I need to make sure it works with saving and loading files. I would also like to add a switch in the inspector for instrument changes to allow the user to determine whether to show the warnings or not. I expect this will take me the next few days, after which I will start work on making instrument changes to unpitched percussion work correctly.