My Journey with MuseScore! Part 3: What I hope to see in the next few versions.

Posted 8 years ago

Okay, here's part 3 of my blog!

So, from what I know, MuseScore 1 was alright. I have never used it since I discovered MuseScore at the time of 2.0.1. Then MuseScore 2 came out and it started to be a rather mild competitor with many of the more commonly used programs like Finale and Sibelius.

Then, I started testing the beta for 3.0.0 and let me just say, MuseScore has had its first dose of steroids. I can sense that MuseScore is starting to pick up momentum in its quality, and that momentum will keep on going until there's no more ground to cover. By then, MuseScore will become the top notation software.

There you have it! I am publicly declaring that I hope to see these words announced in the near future.
As of right now, I've heard that both programs are a few steps ahead of MuseScore in various areas. I believe that MuseScore is 100% capable of passing both programs. I really do.
I know that as of right now, this idea seems ridiculous, however, I do think that as MuseScore progresses, this idea will seem less ridiculous. I will go ahead and say that every time MuseScore steps forward by a number, like from 2 to 3 and all that, it will become a bigger competitor with the other programs. It won't take long before MuseScore becomes equal with Finale and Sibelius.

This is a rather short blog post, but I only had one thing I wanted to say about MuseScore right now.
Be sure to look for Part 4!