Fretboard diagrams

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    A range of fretboard (or chord) diagrams for the guitar are provided in the Fretboard Diagrams palette in the Advanced Workspace.

    Fretboard diagrams palette

    You can create a chord diagram for any fretted, stringed instrument by editing an existing one. It can be saved to a custom palette for future use if required.

    Add a fretboard diagram

    To add a fretboard diagram to the score, use one of the following methods:

    • Select a note in voice 1 and double-click a fretboard diagram from a palette.
    • Drag and drop a fretboard diagram from a palette to the desired position in the score.

    Edit fretboard diagram

    When a fretboard diagram is selected, it can be edited in the Inspector.

    1. Adjust the number of instrument strings, using "Strings".
    2. Adjust the fret position number using "Offset".
    3. Adjust how many frets to display (height-wise) using "Frets".
    4. Place the finger dots. Click on a fret to establish a dot; click again to remove the dot.
    5. To create a barre or partial barre:
      i. Make sure the desired fret position is clear of black dots (click on a dot to remove it);
      ii. Hold Shift and click on the fret where you want the barre to begin. Note: Only one barré can be applied per diagram; a partial barré must end on the first string.
      iii. To delete a barre, click on the black dot where the barre begins.
    6. Indicate open and mute strings (if applicable). Click just above the diagram to toggle a string between:
      • Open (o)
      • Mute/unplayed (x)
      • No indication.
    7. Adjust the size: Use the "Scale" property.

    Adjust position, color, stacking order

    The position of the fretboard diagram can be adjusted in the usual way in Edit mode, or you can edit the X- and Y-offsets in the Inspector.

    Color and Stacking order can be adjusted in the "Element" section at the top of the Inspector.

    Fretboard diagram style

    Certain default properties of fretboard diagrams (barre thickness, vertical position, scale, fret-number font-size and position) can be adjusted from the Style submenu: select FormatStyle…Fretboard Diagrams. Any changes made here affect all existing diagrams, as well as those applied subsequently.

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