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jeu, 21 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 08:26 Handbook Keyboard shortcutsrevised SlowRabbit
 (diff) (hist) 08:20 Handbook Keyboard shortcutsrevised SlowRabbit
mar, 19 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 13:34 Handbook Keyboard shortcutsrevised SlowRabbit
 (diff) (hist) 12:28 Handbook Keyboard shortcutsrevised SlowRabbit
 (diff) (hist) 12:08 Handbook Keyboard shortcutsrevised lowje
lun, 18 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:08 Handbook Preferencesrevised geetar
Updated "Export" tab image.
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sam, 9 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 18:41 Handbook Share scores onlinerevised Shoichi
 (diff) (hist) 13:25 Handbook Fretboard diagramsrevised SlowRabbit
 (diff) (hist) 13:20 Handbook Fretboard diagramsrevised SlowRabbit
 (diff) (hist) 13:12 Handbook Fretboard diagramsrevised SlowRabbit
mar, 5 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 09:53 Handbook Repeats and jumpsrevised geetar
Added images to "Markers."
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dim, 3 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 15:11 Handbook Repeats and jumpsrevised geetar
sam, 2 June 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:18 How to comment fait on un triolet?nouveau nano17ck
dim, 27 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 19:44 Handbook Toolsrevised SlowRabbit
ven, 25 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 15:29 Handbook Lyricsrevised Jojo-Schmitz
mer, 23 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 17:37 Handbook Glossaryrevised geetar
Uploaded new acciaccatura image. Seems to fit OK.
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 (diff) (hist) 10:19 Handbook Glossaryrevised Jojo-Schmitz
@geetar: see
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 (diff) (hist) 09:53 Handbook Glossaryrevised geetar
English lang. links only. Images don't format correctly so can be left out.
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 (diff) (hist) 04:42 Handbook Glossaryrevised Shoichi
Test element inserted in the score and use of the 'Stamp' button
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mar, 22 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 05:41 Handbook Replace pitches without changing rhythmsrevised Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 05:39 Handbook Note input modesrevised Jojo-Schmitz
lun, 21 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:30 Handbook Master paletterevised SlowRabbit
lun, 7 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:49 Handbook Chord symbolsrevised SlowRabbit
dim, 6 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 14:20 Handbook Beamsrevised Jojo-Schmitz
ven, 4 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 19:35 Handbook Repeats and jumpsrevised SlowRabbit
 (diff) (hist) 17:39 Handbook Repeats and jumpsrevised SlowRabbit
jeu, 3 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:47 Page Handbookrevised SlowRabbit
Réorganisation selon sources EN, à finir
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 (diff) (hist) 16:12 Page Handbookrevised SlowRabbit
 (diff) (hist) 13:54 Page Handbookrevised SlowRabbit
 (diff) (hist) 12:02 Handbook Layout and formattingrevised SlowRabbit
mer, 2 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:13 Handbook Lyricsrevised mike320
mar, 1 May 2018
 (diff) (hist) 17:16 Handbook Share scores onlinerevised Jojo-Schmitz
lun, 30 April 2018
 (diff) (hist) 12:43 Handbook Text editingrevised Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 12:36 Handbook Lyricsrevised Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 10:56 Handbook Lyricsrevised Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 10:34 Handbook Lyricsrevised geetar
Rearranged and condensed Synalepha text.
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 (diff) (hist) 09:15 Handbook Lyricsrevised Jojo-Schmitz
sam, 28 April 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:19 Handbook Repeats and jumpsrevised SlowRabbit
 (diff) (hist) 15:53 Handbook Repeats and jumpsrevised SlowRabbit
dim, 22 April 2018
 (diff) (hist) 10:22 Handbook Viewing and navigationrevised Jojo-Schmitz
ven, 20 April 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:48 Handbook SoundFonts and SFZ filesrevised geetar
Removed "Kbd" tags and some corrections.
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jeu, 19 April 2018
 (diff) (hist) 08:24 Handbook Play moderevised SlowRabbit
mer, 18 April 2018
 (diff) (hist) 22:45 Handbook Getting startedrevised mike320
 (diff) (hist) 17:30 Handbook Play moderevised SlowRabbit
sam, 14 April 2018
 (diff) (hist) 11:25 Handbook Preferencesrevised geetar
Added some detail to I/O.
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mar, 10 April 2018
 (diff) (hist) 21:02 Handbook SoundFonts and SFZ filesrevised SlowRabbit
 (diff) (hist) 15:32 Handbook Linesrevised SlowRabbit
 (diff) (hist) 12:49 Handbook SoundFonts and SFZ filesrevised Jojo-Schmitz
 (diff) (hist) 10:09 Handbook Linesrevised SlowRabbit
lun, 9 April 2018
 (diff) (hist) 16:55 Handbook File formatsrevised SlowRabbit