MuseScore for Guitar

Complete tablature

Multiple tab styles available—from note symbols outside the staff to upside-down strings—and linked standard/tab staff pairs.

Guitar tab in MuseScore

Guitar Pro import

MuseScore can now open files from Guitar Pro, so you can easily migrate over. Import filters are improving with every release.

Guitar Pro and MuseScore file icons

Fretboard diagrams

21 default chords for every key, and a powerful editor to create your own—with barre, fret position, and any number of strings.

Chord diagrams in MuseScore

Beyond guitar

Banjo, mandolin, ukulele, oud. Custom string tunings. Even historical lute tablature. MuseScore does them all.

Rennaissance lute tab in MuseScore

And more...

  • Bends, fingerings, and other common guitar notations supported
  • Add/remove linked staves any time; enter notes on either standard or tab staff
  • Percussion/drumset also included
  • Templates include guitar, tablature, guitar + tablature, and rock/pop band
  • Continuous View displays score as endless ribbon, with no layout breaks
  • Easy-to-use and customizable interface
  • Note entry via mouse, keyboard, or MIDI (including real-time)
  • Import from any other music notation software via MusicXML
  • Share music online with
  • Send scrolling sheet music videos to YouTube
  • Rehearse on the go with MuseScore mobile apps
  • Full-featured desktop software free for Mac, Windows, and Linux