Title API compatibility Category Author
"Pipeband - On The Beat" Plugin for Bagpipe Playback Correction 3.x Playback Kate.Dudek
11EDO Orgone[7] Tuning 3.x Playback alexandruianu
19 TET Tuning 3.x Playback AvgLink
2 PLUGINS FOR DIATONIC ACCORDION 3.x Other, Simplified notation MichelCome
27ED4 Nelindic 3.x Playback alexandruianu
5 to 117 EDO Retuning & Transposing Plugins Suite 3.x Accidentals, Playback matt28
A diatonic accordion tablature plugin / Tablature pour accordéon diatonique 3.x Other Jean-Michel Bencetti
Abadi -aljoher 3.x Other 91rambo91
ABC_ImpEx 3.x Export, Import mist13
Accidental Tuner 3.x Accidentals, Playback gildebert
Action chain to shortcut 3.x Composing tools Marr11317
Add and remove courtesy accidentals 2.x, 3.x Accidentals heuchi
Add comments to a score 2.x, 3.x Other Nicolas
Alternate Fingerings 3.x Accidentals, Notes & Rests, Text lvr124
Articulation and Ornamentation Control 3.x Playback [DELETED] 1831606
BandInMuseScore - Accompaniment generator from chords 2.x, 3.x Export, Composing tools, Convertor, Playback, Simplified notation, Third-party integration berteh
Barbershop Checker 3.x Analysis animikatamon
Barbershop Harmonizer 3.x Composing tools znarf94
Batch Convert 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Batch processing, Export, Convertor, Import Marc Sabatella
Brass Fingering and Trombone slide position 3.x benjamin.dogon
Check for parallel fifths and octaves 2.x, 3.x Proof reading heuchi
Check harmony against actual Bach-chorale chord voicings in a SATB piece. 3.x Proof reading bliston
Check Harmony Rules 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Analysis, Proof reading c3yvonne7
Chord Identifier (MuseScore 3 port) 3.x Chord symbols dmitrio95
Chord Identifier (Pop & Jazz) 3.x Analysis animikatamon
Chord Identifier Special V3 3.x Chord symbols Ziya Mete Demircan
Chord Symbols style 3.x Marr11317
Color all Half Step Notes (Sharps & Flats) Red 1.x, 2.x, 3.x [DELETED] 13216
Color Melody Notes 3.x Notes & Rests rocchio
Color the notes of each voice 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Analysis, Notes & Rests, Proof reading ozcaveman
ColorNotes_tpc 3.x Notes & Rests Ziya Mete Demircan
Command palette 3.x Composing tools Marr11317
Count Notes (Create performance notes from score commonly used in Handbell scores) 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Analysis [DELETED] 13216
Count notes’ beats in each measure 3.x Simplified notation, Text mirabilos
Counterpoint Analyzer 3.x Analysis, Other odelphi231
Counterpoint Check v0.451ms3 2.x, 3.x Analysis, Composing tools, Other, Proof reading Rogerio Constante
Daily Log 3.x File management jeetee
Display music as koto/shamisen notation 3.x Third-party integration beuranr
Display music as shakuhachi notation 3.x Third-party integration beuranr
DoubleTime 3.0 3.x Notes & Rests alexsanchezst
Dulcimer Tab 2.x, 3.x Keith Onstad
Duration Editor 3.x Composing tools, Notes & Rests lvr124
Expand chord symbols into notes 3.x Chord symbols markshepherd
Export layout breaks to parts 3.x Other Marr11317
Export to Blackbinder 3.x Export Blackbinder
ExportLettersNNumbers 3.x Export, Simplified notation Studi11
ExportStaffMP3s 3.x Export, Playback Studi11
Fingering Diagram 3.x Chord symbols, Notes & Rests, Simplified notation eduardomourar
Fingering plugin 3.x Simplified notation Thomas Tombinha
Fretboard 3.x Other dmitrio95
Griffschrift for Accordion 2.x, 3.x Chord symbols, Simplified notation Jojo-Schmitz
Harmonia v0.13ms3 3.x Analysis, Composing tools, Other, Proof reading Rogerio Constante
Harmonic Intervals in Counterpoint v0.21 2.x, 3.x Analysis, Composing tools, Other, Proof reading Rogerio Constante
Harmonica Tablature (Harp) 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Notes & Rests, Simplified notation, Text Nicolas
Harmonica tablature generation ver 3.0 3.x Notes & Rests untei
Harp Color Notes by Pedal 2.x, 3.x kzh
Harp Pedal Diagram 2.x, 3.x Other Nicolas
Jianpu Numbered Notation 2.x, 3.x Notes & Rests, Simplified notation tcbnhrs
Just intonation of a single note based on entering ratios relative to another note 3.x Notes & Rests, Other rahulpeter
Koto Notation 2.x, 3.x Notes & Rests tcbnhrs
Mirror Intervals 2.x, 3.x Composing tools billhails
Modal Tuning 3.x Playback fernandoamartin
Mountain Dulcimer - Convert to Diatonic TAB 3.x Convertor rocchio
Mountain Dulcimer - SMN to Diatonic TAB 3.x Convertor rocchio
MuseScore Command Parser 3.x Other calculuswhiz
Music "Serializer" 3.x Composing tools, Notes & Rests Matthew D'Alonzo
Musical harmony analysis tool (musical keys, chords and harmonies) 3.x Analysis, Composing tools hstanekovic
Musicalion Upload manager 3.x Export gerhard.muellritter
Name notes 3.x Simplified notation, Text mirabilos
Negative Harmony Generator (midi file) 3.x Notes & Rests rahulpeter
New Retrograde 3.x Composing tools, Notes & Rests ellejohara
Nn2GS - Normalnoten zu Griffschrift für Steirische Harmonika 3.x Convertor nurfz
Note Names 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Jojo-Schmitz
Note Numbers 3.x mpvick
ObjectExplorer V2.0 3.x Analysis
Parts List 3.x Export, Other, Text John Asendorf
Pivot Chords 3.x Composing tools Sunny2019
Plugin Utilities 3.x Other calculuswhiz
Porcupine Tunings 3.x Convertor jlmoriart
PruneStack 2.x, 3.x Composing tools, Notes & Rests
Quarter Tone (24 TET) Tuning 3.x Accidentals, Playback AvgLink
Quena (Bolivia) fingering 3.x Notes & Rests tcbnhrs
Recorder Tablature 1.x, 3.x Notes & Rests dvescobedo
Recorder tablature updated 2.x, 3.x Fenjuh
Rehearsal marks management 3.x Text Marr11317
Remove notes color 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Notes & Rests Nicolas
Repair Assistant 3.x Jojo-Schmitz
Repeating bars coloring 2.x, 3.x Other Marta Morticia
Reset Dialog Positions 2.x, 3.x Other jeetee
Retrograde 1.x, 3.x Composing tools, Notes & Rests Nicolas
Romaji to Hiragana Converter 3.x Convertor, Other, Text Ima Dorkface
Saxophone fingerings 3.x Other Marr11317
Scordatura 3.x Notes & Rests sammik
Score Versioning 3.x File management Anhre
ScoreNotes 3.x Notes & Rests avronp
Shakuhachi Notation, Fingering 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Notes & Rests, Simplified notation tcbnhrs
Shamisen/Sangen Notation 2.x, 3.x Notes & Rests tcbnhrs
Shinobue notation 2.x, 3.x Notes & Rests tcbnhrs
Show ticks 3.x Notes & Rests, Other mirabilos
TempoChanges 2.x, 3.x Playback jeetee
TempoStretch 3.x Playback jeetee
TenorSax_Fingering 3.x Notes & Rests parkhausblink
Time Signature Enforcer 3.x Composing tools, Notes & Rests jeetee
Tin Whistle Tablature 2.x, 3.x Chord symbols Jon Gadsden
Traditional Vocal Beaming 2.x, 3.x Other heuchi
Transpose To One Pitch 3.x Notes & Rests bmiller793
Transposer 3.x rsudama
Trumpet Fingering and Notes English 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Notes & Rests avcavc
Tuning Cents for MuseScore v. 3.x 3.x Accidentals, Playback HosAdeeb
Tunings and Temperaments 2.x, 3.x Playback billhails
UltraStar Export Plugin 2.x, 3.x Export Joseph Eoff
Violin Colour code 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Notes & Rests, Simplified notation serge.tkint
Violin Fingering 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Simplified notation jeetee
Visual representation of changes in two scores 3.x Analysis Anhre
Vowels to Notes 3.x Notes & Rests bmiller793
Xaphoon Tab Fingering 3.x Notes & Rests skunt
Xentuner 3.x Accidentals, Playback Keenan Pepper