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Forum topic Plugin to check if multiple stops on the violin are possible heuchi 7 vor 4 Wochen
Issue Plugins cannot read `scores` array (not available) and `curScore.name` always delivers "Score" OEST 10 vor einem Monat
Project Check for parallel fifths and octaves heuchi 0 vor 2 Monaten
Forum topic Plugins API design for MuseScore 3 dmitrio95 61 vor 2 Monaten
Issue Linked parts for single voices don't work heuchi 2 vor 3 Monaten
Project Add and remove courtesy accidentals heuchi 0 vor 3 Monaten
Project Traditional Vocal Beaming heuchi 0 vor 3 Monaten
Issue (some of the) missing objects/properties in the plugin framework heuchi 11 vor 3 Monaten
Issue Plugins cannot add chords and can add notes only in very limited ways heuchi 0 vor 3 Monaten
Issue [Mac][Gonville] problems with text fonts heuchi 7 vor 5 Monaten
Issue Allow to disable normalization for audio export heuchi 5 vor 10 Monaten
Issue Audio export: "Don't normalise" option geetar 20 vor 10 Monaten
Issue Undoing a mmrest in a score> 1 page causes a crash cadiz1 10 vor ein Jahr
Issue Batch export ignores dots in file names Geert Willemarck 8 vor ein Jahr
Issue Tremolos between notes corrupted on part creation KeldeoJustified 17 vor ein Jahr
Project Mark missing courtesy accidentals heuchi 0 vor ein Jahr
Issue Regression: Qml access to annotations leads to crash heuchi 9 vor ein Jahr
Issue Crash when appending measure (CTRL-B) in part heuchi 7 vor 2 Jahren
Issue Deleting first measure of score in part with key signature crashes heuchi 5 vor 2 Jahren
Issue Not enough space between clefs and notes heuchi 9 vor 3 Jahren
Issue Layout problem at beginning of next system when changing octave with CTRL-DOWN heuchi 3 vor 3 Jahren
Issue Crash when pressing LEFT in note entry mode heuchi 4 vor 3 Jahren
Forum topic Trying to figure out midi tick length of tuplets ADavis 3 vor 3 Jahren
Issue First note of system and incoming tie misplaced for C major key signatures heuchi 3 vor 3 Jahren
Issue Problems with kerning—too little space to the left of, too much space to the right of "f" dynamics in Emmentaler text heuchi 35 vor 3 Jahren