Linked parts for single voices don't work

• Feb 11, 2019 - 13:18
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S2 - Critical
  1. Create a score with at least two instruments (I chose Flöte and Oboe in my example)
  2. Create linked parts for voice 1 for both instruments (I named them 1.Flöte and 1.Oboe)
  3. Enter some music for both instruments in the master score using voice 2

The voice-1-part for the top instrument (Flöte) correctly shows only rests:

The voice-1-part for the second instrument (Oboe) shows the same as the master score.

This basically renders the whole voiced linked parts feature unusable.
Creating a linked part for a single voice leads to a correct result for anything already entered, but adding new music leads to the problem described.
(Therefore it is necessary to do step 2 before step 3 in the example.)


The top instrument only works in the same session the parts were created. If you save after step 2, reload and try step 3 it doesn't work for the flute staff either.

Title Linked parts for single voices don't work when they are not the top instrument in the master score Linked parts for single voices don't work

Where you expect those voice 2 notes to go? The intended use case of this feature is to allow both voices to have their own part. If you enter notes that don't have a part, results are currently undefined. Is there a real world use case where you want them to not appear in any part? If so, why not.just define a dummy voice 2 part?

This doesn't seem to help, the note from the second voice in the second instrument goes both to voice 1 part and that dummy voice 2 part.

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My showcase was just the smallest one I could think of. It doesn't work when there is a part for voice 2 present, either.
I can reproduce the following using OS: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 3.3.0., revision: 3b4f620

1) Create a score with 2(!) instruments. (Don't further care about the first one)
2) Add some notes in m1 for voice2 in the 2nd instrument
3) For the 2nd instrument, create a voice-1 and a voice-2 staff
-> Looks good until here
4) Delete all music in m1
-> Still fine
5) Add some notes in the first measure in voice 2 (still 2nd instrument)
-> They also show in the voice1-part, and they are in the wrong voice in the v2-part
6) Add some notes in the first measure in voice 1
-> Crash

Severity S3 - Major S2 - Critical

Just as a clarification. Adding notes in all steps in my previous post is done in the master score. No editing in the parts.
Set to critical, because of the crash.

OK, thanks for the clarification - sounded like the problem occurred only if there were notes in an unassigned voice, which struck me as a strange corner case that would be easily solved just by disallowing it.

For anyone working on this: in general, linking happens in two places, once when we generate the part (typically with a clone of the staff) and once when we added elements to a staff that has links (typically with a clone of the element). It's not uncommon that we'd have a bug where something is handled in one place but not the other. Typically not that hard to fix either in terms of the amount required, but sorting it all out is often tricky.

Reason for this was an interference between two kind of linking, the links between parts (as we see here) and links between staves. It was assumed only one kind of linking can occur. Also the test for linked staves was wrong.
Issue is solved in my local build and tested. PR will follow shortly.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch 3.x, commit a35b1eff4a

_Fix #283964 - Linked parts for single voices don't work

Corrects recognistion of linked staves with a part and linked staves over

Fix version