Assignment of Parts is not proper working in MS 3.4.1.

• Jan 26, 2020 - 01:00

After the release of MuseScore 3.0, I tried the new features of the parts definition.
My idea was to create one Staff in the score with two voice 1 and 2 (i.e SoA) in order to get on a simple way a compact directors view as a part. At the other hand I expected to create also two parts for Sopran (SoA) und Alt (SoA) which are linked to SoA. My further expectation was, that I can make changes in the two voices of SoA which results also in changes in Sopran (SoA) and Alt (SoA) and vice versa.
For this I create Parts Sopran (SoA) with voice 1 only and Alt (SoA) with voice 2 from Staff SoA.
If there are already notes existing in SoA, they are correct distributed to Sopran (SoA) and Alt (SoA) , but if I add notes they appear in both parts.
A check of the parts definition showed, that both parts, Sopran (SoA) and Alt (SoA), are assigned to voice 1 of SoA... So something went definitly wrong.
Unfortunatly there is no possibility to change or correct this assignment. I can only delete the part, create a new one... and the game starts again...

I would be very greatful, if this feature would work in the next release...
A possiblility to change the assigment of a part and its name would also be nice...
Please find attached the example file test.mscz.

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