Batch export ignores dots in file names

• Jan 31, 2018 - 12:19
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Batch convert is a wonderful and powerful tool. I tried to convert a folder with more than 1,000 mscz files. It worked perfect for all files with only a dot in to separate the file name and the extension.
De converter ignores files with more than 1 dot.
For example: title.mscz will be converted, title version 1.0.mscz will be ignored.


Maybe you could try to edit batch_convert.qml and in line 680 replace
var fileBase = fileName.substring(0,fileName.length - fileSuffix.length -1)
var fileBase = files.get(i, "fileBaseName")
and check whether this solves the issue for you?

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Thanks for the reply. I found the mentionned code on line 688. I replaced, but sadly, this didn't change anything.
Actually strange things happen after the change. Even if I delete all mid and pdf files the plugin says 'Already up to date' in all cases.
When I check the listbox with the files that are being processed, I can see that the files with multiple dots in the file names are still ignored.

I suspect the Qt QML methods use the 1st dot to determine fileSuffix rather than the last, so maybe we need to create some own code to do it properly.