AppImage does not use translations on buttons in dialog windows

• Apr 5, 2016 - 16:00
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

On Kubuntu 14.04 the AppImage v2.0.3 does not translate command buttons in dialog windows.
Here is a screen shot what you get when closing MuseScore with unsaved changes:


It looks like a problem with Qt not recognizing a different localization, because custom buttons (other than OK, Cancel and so on) show translated, but the line "This program uses Qt version..." in the "Help->About Qt" page comes in English using the AppImage, while it comes translated for the self-compiled version.

The 'About Qt' Dialog is not translated (not by MuseScore, via Transifex), it does not come translated in any self buld Version I've ever seen, are you really sure you've seen it translated?

Is the AppImage lacking the qt_*.qm files? This is where the Qt dialgs are getting translated

Status (old) needs info active

The line "This program uses..." is translated in my self-compiled build using Qt 5.4. The line saying which Qt version is used.

Whatever this translation may come from, it is not from MuseScore, check Transifex, there's no such string there. And it is not in self build version on Windows.
However, that string is in qt_*.ts, so you must have gotten different versions of these that I have, different from the ones found in the GitHub repository for MuseScore.

Hmm, "This program uses Qt version %1" indeed is translated in qt_de.ts (Context is QMessageBox), but doesn't show in the "About Qt" dialog as such. Neiter in 2.0.3, nor in a self build from mmaster, not on Windows at least.