Check for parallel 5ths

• Apr 8, 2015 - 00:20

Hi, I need to be able to check for parallel fifths. Can anyone please guide me to the right place?
Much Appreciated. Kevinho


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It doesn't work with any kind of deliberate doubling/colla parte (e.g., cello and contrabass). It seriously needs a way to specify or exclude staves. The plugin development environment is so distressing that it dissuades me from addressing these issues myself.

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You can run the plugin on a selection. Unfortunately MuseScore does not allow to select two separate non adjacent systems. But as for cello and contrabass: that should not be a problem, since the contrabass usually goes in the last system. You can select everything else in this case.

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It should be possible to supply the names of staves to exclude. It cannot depend on layout. More often than not, a colla parte staff is immediately below the visible one, and hidden. Ms TRULY needs an intrinsic colla parte facility. Hidden staves are a prescription for error.

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