Allow to disable normalization for audio export

• Sep 24, 2014 - 11:04
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Attached is a demo score.
The dynamic in the piece is 'p' and it sounds piano when played back using the current trunk.

However, export will do a normalization which causes the resulting WAV to sound horribly loud. Actually it's not usable in that form and has to be further processed using some wave editor.

This is a problem in every score, that doesn't use the maximum dynamic.

I think there have been some posts where this has been talked about already, but I didn't find a feature request for it, so here it is.

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Confirmed on MuseScore 2.0 beta - Windows 8.1 pro

This pic is the wave form of the OP's file rendered exactly as downloaded by WAV export.

Notice the audio has been normalised to approximately -3 dB

Here is the same file rendered to WAV after the dynamic instruction has been changed from p to ff

Notice the waveform is almost identical, again normalised to approx -3 dB and identical in volume to the 1st waveform

Finally the waveform for the file rendered with the first bar as p and the second bar as ff

The first half of the waveform is how the first file should look and demonstrates the discrepancy between the input volume of the file and the actual output.

I have marked this as a bug report, as obviously this is not the intended WAV export behaviour.

Marked as critical as it is a corruption of data.

We could probably use a better title for this.

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