Courtesy Accidentals, but not showing naturals?

• Aug 12, 2020 - 03:32

Hi. This is a great plugin, specially for what I'm trying to do. However I would like to ask if there is a way to not show the natural symbol when running the plugin. For example, in the pictures below, I'm using c#, Bb and Ab. That works great for writing and not having to alter every note on note input. Then I can just run the plugin and the accidentals appear in front of each note (first picture) with the later intention of hiding the custom key signature. But, the natural symbol also appears, making the score a bit cluttered and then I have to select each natural symbol and delete it (as in the second attached pictured). If I'm having many instruments, that task is tiring. Could there be a way to run the plugin, so the flats and sharps appear in front of the notes, but not the naturals?

Thanks a lot!


I don't really understand why you use the plugin.
Instead of hiding the custom key signature, simply removing it would give this:
Isn't this what you're trying to do?

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