[Mac][Gonville] problems with text fonts

• Sep 16, 2014 - 11:15
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This problem occurs using a Mac. (It doesn't on Kubuntu 14.04)

'Emmentaler Text': 'mf' looks like this: mf_Emmentaler.png

As a reference: this is how it looks on Kubuntu: mf_Linux.png

'Gonville Text': 'mf' doesn't print: mf_Gonville.png

Using 3338af9 on Mac OS X 10.9.4

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Title [Mac] mf looking squeezed or missing [Mac] problems with text fonts

This is the current status.
Unfortunately it looks like these are problems with Qt or Mac OS...

Kerning doesn't look good. See 'emmentaler-text-3.png'
Especially 'sfpp' looks like two different signs: 'sf' and 'pp'

Most of the dynamics aren't shown. See 'gonville-text-3.png'

Bravura looks good.

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Title [Mac] problems with text fonts [Mac][Gonville] problems with text fonts

Can you open another bug for the kerning issue?

Status (old) active closed

Done. For the record, you can close issues yourself - just change the Status dropdown as you add a comment. Or even leave the comment blank. The usual convention si to first mark them "fixed", which causes them to still appear in listings of current bugs for another two weeks (but clearly marked as fixed), after which they are automatically closed. Aslo, if a commit message for the PR that fixes a bug is of the form "fix #33441: blah blah blah", then issue is automatically marked fixed when the PR is merged. So it is not normally necessary to change status of bugs at all.