Plugin to check if multiple stops on the violin are possible

• Feb 21, 2019 - 20:25

Here is my first attempt on a plugin to "evaluate" multiple stops on a violin. It will add "Impossible" and "Difficult" to chords.
Since I'm not a violin player (although I did have some lessons long, long ago...), I'd appreciate any input from violin players on this. Also on general things, like if we should try to find "difficult" chords or just skip that category.

Here is a sample screen shot:
I know that the Sibelius plugin considers the chord at the beginning of measure 3 as difficult, but I don't exactly have a rule for that. Why is that chord (two perfect 4th) difficult?

Attached are:
checkViolinMultipleStops.qml version for MuseScore v3
checkViolinMultipleStops_v2.qml version for MuseScore v2

You need to select something. It won't work without a selection.
I'm looking forward to comments.


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Sorry for responding so late. Are you saying that the chord in m3 (C, F, Bflat) is marked difficult by the Sibelius plugin because one needs three fingers to do it? That would at least be pretty simple to use as a rule.
My problem here is, that the Berlioz/Strauss treatise has a page about "less difficult" („weniger schwierig“ in German) quadruple stops, that sometimes require four fingers. Are they supposed to be "less difficult" for professional orchestra players? Or is it more important where exactly the fingers need to be placed?

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