A MuseScore plugin is a small piece of software that adds extra functionality to the program. A range of plugins is installed automatically with the program: you can view these in the Home: Plugins tab.

    Additional plugins can be downloaded from the MuseScore website at→Download→Plugins. See Installing a plugin (below) for further details.

    N. B.: No warranty of any kind is provided for plugins. Either download from a trusted author or double-check the code yourself.

    (How to create a plugin - to be added)

    Installing a new plugin

    1. Download the necessary plugin files and move them to MuseScore's plugins folder.
    2. Open MuseScore and go to Home/Plugins
    3. Find the name of the plugin, select it, and click 'Enable'

    Updating existing plugins

    Updating works the same way as installing, but remember to remove the files from the previous version to avoid duplicate plugins!

    Enabling and disabling plugins

    In order to not overcrowd the plugins tab, you can enable/disable specific plugins as you please.

    Running a plugin

    You can run enabled plugins in the Score tab, from the 'Plugins menu. You can also set shortcuts to run specific plugins, in the Home: Plugins tab.

    Pre-installed plugins

    • brief info on each

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