How to create, save and open a specific Drum Set of my own

• feb 17, 2021 - 22:11

I wonder, how to create, save and then open a tailored Drum Set of my own in Musescore 3 for the specific needs of a particular song. For easier identification/drum mapping, I think, it would be nice if it matched the DM2 drum map.
(so far, I've tried to use the Edit Drum Set tool. I chose the first group of percussion (i.e. Snare Drums). One-by-one, I selected one particular percussion item then clicked Apply. Then I picked another item from the same group and repeated these steps. When I finished with that group I clicked OK. Then I moved to the second group (i.e. Tenor Drums) and repeated the same process. When I was done with all 4 groups I clicked on Save in the Drum Set Editor. When I opened the saved file it contained all the percussion items but not the selected ones.)
Can anyone help me?


I guess I've found the solution with the help of "Drum Notation" chapter of the User Guide. (i.e. in each group, in Edit Drumset dialogue window, deleting "Name" of the unnecessary percussion items (thus those items from the list of percussion instruments, too), then saving the selected rest of the items for myself with unique file names. Then opening these 4 files (i.e. one per group) for notation work when I need them.

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No, it's not the right solution, unfortunately.
Although the 4 saved percussion files can be opened and load in, and their content by names of percussion items are OK but the sounds of the percussion instruments are different from those they should be. (There's a surprising confusion and I have no idea why?!)
1) In each case of the 4 percussion groups, in the Drumset Input palette the percussion items differ from those originally set by me in Drumset Edit dialogue loaded from the uniquely tailored 4 files now opened.
2) According to this problem, the actual sounds of percussion items (in Drumset Input palette) do not match those of the instruments figuring in the relevant list of the Drumset Edit dialogue of the uniquely tailored and saved 4 files that have been opened for work.
So it seems my yesterday efforts to create a tailored drumset according to the specific needs of the relevant song were in vain. (In the end, I get something completely different than I wanted.)
3) To my surprise, the Playback was unable to playback the sounds of any bass drums in the score while it could playback the sounds of e.g. snare drum and tenor drum instruments. (Why?)

So, the original issue is still open, together with some relevant new questions.
I can't wait to receive the proper solutions.

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Szerintem semmi értelme külön fájlokat menteni, meg külön beállítani a drumsetet mindegyik dobkottasorhoz.
A dobkészlet szerkesztőben minden dobhanghoz beállíthatod, hogy hol jelenjen meg a kottában. Ha külön sorba kottázod, akkor nem lesz ütközés akkor sem, ha ugyanoda állítod be.
Meg ahogy nézem a csatolt kottát, nem értem, hogy miért C#-1-re van állítva a Lábdob 1 pl, a lábdob ugyanis nem ott van, hanem C2-n például.

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