how to change instruments much faster in the mixer??

• 20 Nov 2020 - 10:10

I mostly create rehearsal and home-practise files for students. This means in a 4 voices mixed choir that I basically make 4 versions. If it is the soprano version then I put that one in another - more distinctive - instrument and keep the rest in the background so that the student can still here the complete score sound. If it's the alto's turn I first have to switch back the changes in the soprano part and make the changes in the alto part. And so on.So its a temporarily change. I do that in the mixer but that means every time endless scrolling back and forth between piano and voice ahhh section. (for example) for I cannot just type an instrument. Besides the list in the mixer is not alphabetically. For good reasons I am sure but it is still a lot of work to only find the necessary change by scrolling the list. It takes time and is annoying. Any suggestions to make it easier and faster? Thank you!


Changing the instrument in the mixer is an undoable action. You can locate sounds faster by typing the first letter of the sound when having the scroll list open.

So it would be (starting from all equal sounds):
* Set sound for instrument (use letter to scroll faster through the list)
* Export
* Undo
* Repeat for all instruments you wish

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