palette window disappears

• 6 Sep 2022 - 07:45

J Borghouts
Sep 5, 2022, 12:04 GMT+2

Jeroen Borghouts ( sent a message: Hello,

Every time I use the palette , the topic-window disappears as soon as I work on the score. (the "v" before the word "palettes" is still there, but I can't see the topics any more)

Each time I want to work again with one of the topics of palettes, Ik have tot click on the the "v" of the palettes to make it disappear, click on it again to make the "v" appear again and then I can use it for a short time....

I work already for several years with the Muse score and in the past this was never a problem.

I Hope you understand my problem and can help me,

best regards,

Jeroen Borghouts


Sounds to me like you have the palettes as a floating window and when you start working on the score the score window is simply brought to top, over the opened palettes window. You can probably cycle through your open windows to reach it again.

But if you'd like the Palettes to stay docked within the main view, double click the title bar of the floating window to have it dock again.

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