• 18 Jan 2023 - 13:30

Hello Musescore gurus
I am using Musescore 4 (wonderful improvements and better design in my opinion) but it still remains difficult to get the correct creation date in the footer. Both $d and $D give the notation 1/18/23. Despite the fact that I entered 18 - 01 -2023 in project properties. Switching Language does not give a solution. Is it so difficult to create a button somewhere to change the date format? Or is there a possibility. Yes of course to put hard text in the footer but you don't want that every time. Who knows the solution and if there isn't one, would the developers take a serious look at it?

Thanks in advance


Helaas een bug gevonden....maar (een beetje) goed nieuws. In update 4.0.2 zal de standaard ISO notatie worden gebruikt (YYYY-MM-DD) en gevolgd door een betere oplossing (mogelijk in 4.1) waarbij op de juiste manier het "eigen" formaat wordt gebruikt.

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