About the handbook

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    MuseScore versions covered

    This handbook is valid for MuseScore version 4.0 and above.

    If you're using a different version of the program, please consult the appropriate handbook for your version:

    Exploring the handbook

    Browsing chapters

    Use the chapter links on the main page to explore content in each chapter of the handbook.

    There is also a single-page view of the entire handbook, which can be used with your browser's find-in-page facility (shortcut: Ctrl+F, or Cmd+F on macOS).

    Searching the handbook

    To search the handbook, use the dedicated search field in the top right of each handbook page.

    Search in the handbook

    If you're not sure what to search for, try browsing the Glossary. It has pictures to help you to find things that you are unable to name.

    You can also try a web search using this special syntax to only include results from MuseScore.org:

    site:musescore.org your topic here

    This works with most search engines. For example, perform a Google search for "site:musescore.org tempo markings".

    If you still can't find the information you need, please ask for help in the Support Forum.

    Reading in a different language

    The handbook is translated into several languages, although translations are not always up-to-date with the English version. Pages are translated individually, so not every page is available in every language.

    To read the handbook in a different language, use the languages dropdown displayed in the top right of each handbook page, directly below the Search field. If a particular language isn't available in the dropdown this means the page hasn't been translated into that language yet.

    Handbook languages dropdown

    In case of doubt, please consult the English version of the handbook, or ask for help in one of the forums. Use the Support and bug reports forum if posting in English, otherwise use the appropriate forum for your language.

    Downloading the handbook

    To save a copy of the handbook to your computer for offline viewing:

    1. Visit the single-page view of the entire handbook.
    2. Open your browser's Print facility (shortcut: Ctrl+P, or Cmd+P on macOS).
    3. Choose the option labelled Print to PDF, Save to PDF, or similar.
      • Make sure you are saving a file rather than printing a physical copy.

    If you require a physical copy, it's best to follow the above steps to create a PDF, then check the PDF is formatted correctly before you proceed to print it with a real printer. The handbook is quite long, so please don't print a physical copy unless you really need to.

    Contributing to the handbook

    The handbook is maintained and translated by the MuseScore community. If you'd like to help write content, please read Editing the handbook.

    If you want to translate pages, please read How to translate the handbook.