MuseScore Drumline

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A powerful extension for marching percussion

MuseScore Drumline is a FREE extension for MuseScore 2.3, designed to meet the unique demands and workflows of marching music directors, composers and arrangers.

MuseScore Drumline Extension graphic

Realistic percussion playback

The free extension adds a lifelike sound library of newly recorded drumline samples.
We've got your pings, zings, dings, spocks, skanks, and even Dr. Beat.

A diverse collection of templates

Marching band, indoor percussion, front ensemble, drumline, drum corps (even G bugles) —
all available in the New Score Wizard. Select a template, start writing.

Marching/drumline templates in MuseScore's new score setup wizard

Pictogram notation...

A picture's worth... well, more than words. Two full palettes of instrument changes, mallet changes, strokes, playing zones, and even visuals (Hi Mom!).

Marching snare score excerpt showing pictogram notation

... including functional pictograms

With MDL, percussion instrument changes are as simple as a single click,
inserting pictograms for performers and automatically updating instrument playback.

Front ensemble score showing pictograms for instrument changes

Guide to percussion notation

MuseScore Drumline helps to unify the written language of marching percussion
with a comprehensive notation guide for each instrument.

Image of snare drum notation reference