Text styles and properties

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    Text styles

    When you create a text object, it initially assumes the properties of the Text Style applicable to its class. Staff text objects, for example, have their own style, as do tempo markings, lyrics, chord symbols, and so on.

    To view and edit any Text Style: select FormatStyle…Text Styles. This gives you access to the following properties:

    Text Styles dialog showing the text properties for staff text

    • Name: Change the name of a user style if desired.
    • Font face / Font size: The name of the font (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial etc.) and its size in points, also see Fonts.
    • Follow staff size: Whether text size changes in proportion to score scaling.
    • Font style: The font style to use, e.g. Italic, Bold or Underline.
    • Align: Horizontal (left, center, right) and Vertical.
    • Color: Color of the text.
    • Offset X/Y: Horizontal and vertical offsets in sp. units.
    • Frame: Choose to have a circular or square frame around the text.
    • Border: Color of the frame border.
    • Highlight: Color of the background within the frame.
    • Thickness: Thickness of the line of the frame in space units.
    • Margin: Inner frame margin in space units.
    • Corner radius: For box frame, radius of rounded corner.

      Notes: Opacity is set by the parameter "Alpha channel" in the "Select Color" dialog: a value between 0, transparent, and 255, opaque.

    Alternatively, you can edit the properties of a Text Style by selecting an object of the desired style in the score, adjusting its properties in the Inspector, and clicking the Set as style buttons as you go. This will automatically update the Text Style and all relevant text objects in the score.

    Text objects

    If you want to format a particular text object in the score differently to its Text Style, select it and adjust its text properties in the Inspector:

    Text section of the Inspector

    If you have made changes to a particular text property in the Inspector, but want to revert that property to the Text Style definition, press the "Reset to style default" button.

    Save and load text styles

    Text Styles (together with all other styles in a document) can be saved as a style file and loaded into other MuseScore files. See Save and load style.

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